Community Involvement

KCAVP recognizes that outreach and education to LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ people is crucial in order to address the issues of violence in our community, and to ensure victims' knowledge of and access to services.

Training and Education

KCAVP facilitates training on domestic violence, sexual assault and hate crimes in the LGBTQ community and tailors these sessions to meet the needs of any audience, professional or social, large or small, LGBTQ, non-LGBTQ or mixed.

Technical Assistance

We work with agencies to review existing services and policies, recommend changes, and if appropriate, assist with implementing those changes to better serve victims. An example of this type of technical assistance is KCAVP working with area domestic violence shelters to develop and implement transgender admission policies and advises how to train staff to be respectful during hotline calls and during intake of transgender victims of violence.

Community Collaborations

Community Collaborations and Committee/Task Force Participation

Collaborations with local, state and national coalitions, taskforces, and workgroups involved in LGBTQ, domestic violence, sexual assault, and hate crimes issues in order to maximize and improve services.

Media/Social Media Awareness Campaigns/Contributions

Advertising and public relations to raise awareness and understanding of the project and its effort to end LGBTQ-related domestic violence, sexual assault, and bias crimes. KCAVP staff, board, interns and volunteers are often afforded the opportunity to contribute articles to various local and national media outlets.