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Report a Crime

Reports of LGBT hate crimes and violence help KCAVP staff track hate crimes and bias-related incidents. This information will only be used to collect data in order to find out what is going on in the community unless you tell us that you want to be contacted for further assistance. You may choose to remain anonymous and do not have to provide us with information that would reveal your identity.

Complete this form if you have been the victim or have personal knowledge of LGBT hate related harassment, property damage, or violence.

All information you provide is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and will not be shared with anyone else including law enforcement. If the primary target of the attack was an institution or organization, enter that information.

Note: if there was one more than victim, complete and submit this online form for each victim.

General Information

How were you involved?

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How were you referred to KCAVP?

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Victim Information

Victim's name:

Were you the victim?

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Victim's city:

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Victim's age:

Victim's gender identity:

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Victim's sexual orientation:

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Victim's race:

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Extent of injuries:

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Medical attention reqiured:

Incident Information

Date of incident:

Time of incident:

Location of incident:

Street Address of incident:

Site type:

If other, please specify:

Bias motive:

Anti LGBT/Heterosexist

HIV related







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In your own words, please tell us what happened, in as much detail as possible:

Have you reported this to law enforcement?

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If yes, which law enforcement agency?

Offender Information

Number of offenders:

Was a vehicle used?

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Please describe make, model, color and license plate if known:

Relationship of the offender(s) to the victim:

If other, please specify:

Describe the offender(s) (take into consideration age, sex, ethnicity, height, build, tattoos, and clothing):

Your Contact Information

Would you like us to contact you about this incident?

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If you would like to be contacted by a KCAVP Victim Advocate, please provide your contact information below

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Any other comments: