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If you need help, message an advocate on Facebook or email us at info@kcavp.org.

Direct Services for Victims, Partners and Families include:

Case Management and Advocacy
KCAVP helps victims obtain orders of protection. KCAVP provides personal support and assistance during court proceedings as well as advocates for victims in hospitals and with law enforcement. KCAVP can also serve as a primary case manager, or will coordinate with other case managers for a client.

Counseling Services/Therapy
We offer free counseling sessions with a licensed therapist for LGBTQ survivors of violence.

Emergency Assistance and Housing
KCAVP provides assistance such as short-term housing, transportation, food and other necessities so victims can regain their sense of self and their power.

Incident Documentation
A vast majority of anti-LGBTQ violence is never reported. Even if victims do not report incidents to the police, it is important they report them to KCAVP to identify community problems and develop appropriate responses. KCAVP does not report crimes to law enforcement unless asked by the victim to do so.